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Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, next to la Linea de la Concepción. With an area of only 6.5 km² and a population of around 34,000 inhabitants, it is one of the smallest territories in the world. Despite its size, Gibraltar is known for its strategic importance, both militarily and commercially.

The city of Gibraltar has a rich history and cultural heritage. One of its biggest attractions is the famous Rock of Gibraltar, a huge limestone rock that towers over the city and offers spectacular views of the Strait of Gibraltar.

The city of Gibraltar also boasts numerous tourist attractions, such as the Cathedral of St. Peter, the Gibraltar Museum, Constitution Square, and the Gibraltar Marina, which is one of the largest and most modern marinas in the Mediterranean. Gibraltar is an important commercial and financial centre, with a diverse economy based on sectors such as tourism, banking, and services. Despite its close relationship with Great Britain, Gibraltar is also a multicultural and cosmopolitan place, where different cultures and traditions coexist. Gibraltar is a unique and fascinating place that offers a blend of history, culture, and modernity.

Near Gibraltar, we can find Manuel Spinosa Jewellery, located in the centre of Marbella. Here, you will find a diverse selection of Diamond and Precious Gemstone rings. As a manufacturing company, Manuel Spinosa Jewellery creates each piece entirely, from design to finishing and presentation to the customer.

These are the common steps in creating a piece of jewellery:

Design: The first step in creating a piece of jewellery is the design. They use design software to create 3D models of the jewellery.

Material selection: Once the design is created, the materials to be used in creating the jewellery are selected. The materials can include precious metals, gemstones, and pearls.

Model creation: In some cases, a wax model of the jewellery can be created so that customers can see what the finished piece will look like. Nowadays, with the new technology, a 3D image or video of the final piece can be created on the computer.

Casting: After the model is created, the metal is cast. The metal is poured into a mould and left to cool until it solidifies.

Polishing: Once the metal is cast, it is polished to remove any imperfections and to make the surface smooth and shiny.

Stone setting: The next step is to set any precious stones in the jewellery. This is done using special tools and microscope, with different types of settings, such as claw, invisible, micro-pave, bezel o channel setting.

Engraving: If desired, the jewellery can be engraved with a personalised message or unique design using a laser engraving machine.

Finishing: Finally, the piece of jewellery is given a last polish and final finishing. This can include the application of a matte or shiny finish, or rhodium plating.

In general, the creation and stone setting of jewellery is a detailed and laborious process that requires specialised skills and attention to detail. From design to final finishing, at Manuel Spinosa Jewellery, every step is important in creating a unique and beautiful piece that will last a lifetime.


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