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The impressive city of Ronda is also known as “the Eagle’s Nest” due to its location nestled in the mountains of the Serranía de Ronda. Today, it is the third most visited tourist destination in southern Spain.

 The “Puente Nuevo” is not the only bridge that connects the two halves of the city; the “Puente Viejo,” which dates back to 1616, can be seen suspended over the gorge, and there is also a Roman Bridge that dates back to the Arab occupation of Ronda.

Ronda is known as the birthplace of the Ronda-style Spanish bullfights and the highly esteemed and noble equestrian school called Real Maestranza De Caballería De Ronda, which dates back to 1485. The stone bullring was built during the 18th century by the same architect who built the “New Bridge.” The circular ring where bullfights take place is the largest in the world, with a diameter of 66 meters.

Very close to Ronda you could visit Marbella, where it would be an excellent opportunity to meet us at Manuel Spinosa Jewellery Boutique-Studio, located in the center, and thus get to know the new collection of Engagement Rings, Certified Natural Diamonds, as well as exclusive and Unique Designs that enhance the beauty of women with their own style.

Our designs are made with the highest professionalism, quality and finishing, always using noble metals and natural diamonds. We also have in our collection gemstones such as the Colombian Emerald, with its different cuts and shades. Emerald is one of the precious stones that every woman should always have in her collection of jewelry.

The Colombian Emerald is one of the most valued gems worldwide because of its beauty and rarity. Colombia is the main producer of quality emeralds in the world, with deposits located in the Boyacá region in the Colombian Andes. These gems are appreciated for their intense green color and exceptional brightness. The Colombian Emerald is used in high-end jewelry and has become a symbol of Colombian culture. In addition, Colombian emeralds are also used in the technology industry due to their ability to conduct electricity and be used in lasers.


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