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The Costa del Sol is a very popular tourist destination in Spain, and its shopping centres are no exception. These places not only offer a wide variety of shops and luxury brands, but also a wide range of entertainment and restaurants for the whole family. If you are looking for a unique shopping experience on the Costa del Sol, don’t miss the opportunity to visit these shopping centres. Near them, you will find Manuel Spinosa Jewellery, which offers a great variety of gold jewellery with diamonds or jewellery set with pearls and precious stones.

La Cañada Shopping centre in Marbella is the largest shopping centre on the Costa del Sol. Home to over 150 shops, La Cañada caters to everyone’s personal shopping needs. Situated on the Marbella bypass, this vast establishment cannot be missed. Offering free, ample parking as well as regular buses and two taxi ranks, La Cañada makes shopping less stressful and more rewarding. In addition to the numerous shops La Cañada also has many restaurants. Nearby  La Cañada Shopping Center you will find Manuel Spinosa Jewellery.

Shopping Center Miramar Fuengirola, a shopping and leisure complex, offers a fresh concept in the art of shopping. Opened in early 2004 this shopping centre is home to shops dedicated to fashion, children and homemaking. With free parking, including mother and baby, disabled and underground spaces, restaurants and cafes, a children’s play area and a Multi Cineam Complex. Half an hour from the Miramar Shopping Center you will find the Manuel Spinosa Jewellery, where you may find your dreams’jewel or just admire the new collections of engagement rings and diamonds necklaces.

El Corte Inglés shopping centre in Malaga and El Corte Inglés Costa Marbella are both very popular shopping destinations for locals and tourists. These two shopping centres offer a wide variety of fashion shops from both popular and luxury brands, electronics and computer shops, interior decoration, etc., as well as a large number of gastronomic and entertainment options. Just a few minutes from El Corte Inglés Costa Marbella shopping centre, you will find the Boutique-Studio Manuel Spinosa Jewellery.

The Larios Shopping Centre has a multitude of fashion, beauty, home and technology stores, making it a perfect place to go shopping. Inside the shopping centre, you will find a wide variety of high-quality brands and products. The Larios Shopping Centre is also an ideal place to enjoy events and cultural activities. It has a space dedicated to exhibitions and artistic and cultural activities that are regularly renewed. It is important to highlight the privileged location of the shopping centre, which allows you to combine an afternoon of shopping with a visit to the main tourist attractions of Malaga. Near the Larios Shopping Centre, you can visit the Manuel Spinosa Jewellery boutique, where you will find a splendid selection of diamond jewellery.

Plaza Mayor Shopping Center is located on the coast, near Malaga, the second largest city in Andalusia and close to the most important tourist destinations in Costa del Sol – Torremolinos and Marbella. Just 2 km from the airport and perfectly visible from the main roads. Plaza Mayor brings together many restaurants, family entertainment areas, fashion stores and even a supermarket. In addition you can enjoy the wide opening hours of the cinemas, bars and outdoor terraces and the shows and animations that are held systematically throughout the year. Half an hour from the Playa Mayor Shopping Center, you can visit the Manuel Spinosa Jewellery Store and enjoy the latest collections of Turquoise, Coral and Diamond Jewellery.

The Puerta Europa Shopping Centre is a modern and elegant building located at the main entrance of Algeciras, very close to the port and the train station. Inside the shopping centre Puerta Europa, you will find a wide variety of high-quality brands and products. Just a few kilometres away, you will find Manuel Spinosa Jewellery, where you can find engagement rings and wedding bands in a great variety of classic and modern styles. If you are looking for a special piece of jewellery, you cannot miss visiting Manuel Spinosa Jewellery.


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